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Related post: Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 16:08:00 -0700 (PDT) From: Kevin Hoover Subject: ReminiscencesReminiscences - Uncle Thad Recently I read some stories on the Net free young porno and I got so aroused by them, particularly because the men portrayed in some of them are so similar to the men in my life, that I decided to tell my reminiscences too. Even though I have spent one year in the USA, I am from Scandinavia (I youngest panties won't say which country) and English is not my native tongue. So, nude young virgin I want to apologize beforehand for eventual mistakes I certainly will make. I am 30 years old but, in my mind's eyes, sevina young fashion I feel like I am older. I have always been mature in my attitudes and behavior since I can remember. In a way I was kind of forced to be that way when, all of a sudden, I saw myself motherless, living among a handful of men who, although treated me well and did the best they could to fulfill my need of love, had other business to care about and didn't have toplist young angel time to look after a 11 years old boy, who was always in the way. But, since they couldn't do anything about it, because they were men and had to provide for themselves and for me as well, they simply gave me what they could, whenever they could, and let life go its own course, believing in that saying, which says that time heals everything. I cried a lot after my mother's death and I wished petite young cheerleader I could die, too. I missed her very much because she was my only companion in that God forsaken region where we lived. My family depended exclusively on the ranch, and everything we needed for our survival came from the labor of our hands and it demanded a lot of work to keep it going. The closest people around us were about one hundred miles away and we rarely had visitors. My mother died exactly because we were anal young images too far away from civilization that, by the time she got to the hospital, it was too late. They took a long time to get her there, although they took her as fast as they could. All of my family missed my mother because she was the one who kept us united, fed, loved and cared for. But since I was the only child around I was the young hardcore girls one who missed her most, I even hid some of her clothes in my drawers just to have the feeling that she was still around. My ilegal young nudes brothers (I had two, 32 and 34 y/o) were grown men and extreem young girls even though there was a big difference in age it wasn't a problem at all, something that kept us distant. On the contrary, they always treated me like their mascot and always did my share of the chores, only to spare me. younger boys pics My father was 56 years old and sired my first brother when he was 22 and after that they had decided that they couldn't afford to have another baby. So, my mother getting pregnant with me after a long, long time, was something unexpected, a little shameful for them, maybe, and brought some youngest russian boy disturbance to the house. But after my birth I was welcomed and cared for. Of course my family was the typical Scandinavian family where everybody seems too cold, too distant and free young pussi too short of tenderness, where showing affection is something alien and people have no time for that since they are so involved in bringing up children and, therefore, have no time for trivialities like hugging and kissing. But for me they were the best family I could have. They didn't hug me much, but I could fuck young russian feel young guy porn love in their eyes, in their hands when they taught me something new, in the toys my brothers invented just for me, in the clothes my mother knitted for me, and a lot of other things that bring me close to tears when I remember them. They rarely spanked me or treated me bad, and what I'm about to relate here might look mean or abusive, but that's not the way I see it, not a bit. What happened to me after my mother's death and what we did together was exactly a love act on part of the members of my young dutch girls family, was out of necessity. Necessity forever young stewart of loving, of getting rid of loneliness, of wanting to youngest teen skinny keep harmony in the family, of sharing the warmth of each other's body in a cold winter night... But let me go on because when I'm finished there'll be no need for explanation. But to makes things easier, just bear in mind that we were all lonely people, starving for companionship and finding it among ourselves. Besides my father and two brothers, one uncle, my father's twin brother also lived in the house. Once a year my father hired more men to help in illegally young pussy the harvest and then more rugged men moved around until they left again, to return the next year. Since there were no women around they didn't care much about scratching their genitals in front of everybody, or farting aloud to, then, break in laughter among themselves; many times you could see them walking around in only their underwear (or none at all), or pissing anywhere they might happen to be when they felt like pissing. Without mentioning their vocabulary: poor and dirty. But that didn't bother me because that's what I grew up hearing to. The hired men slept in the big barn we had a little away from the main house and the men of my family had their own young babysitter sex quarters in the house. My two brothers slept separately youngjapanese14 downstairs, my uncle slept in a separate two-rooms shed my father built for just that purpose (my mother wanted to have her privacy in the house when she was alive) and I had my own room upstairs, across from my father's. In many occasions I super young girls could hear him fucking my mother because the bed cricked rhythmically and he young masturbate seemed not to care about me hearing them, because once I heard mommy warning him and, by his answer, young teen boysnude I understood that he didn't mind. Every time that happened I tuned my ears and something strange would course thru my body. I was too young to fully understand what was going on, young animal sex but my body would react on its own volition and make me feel funny inside. My mom didn't complain and she never appeared to be hurt, so I concluded that she might like what daddy young tender cunt did to her. In those many occasions it always ended up with my father groaning louder and asian porn youngest then the sounds of the bed would stop and they would quiet down. Well, my mother died and all I got, besides my memories, were a few pieces of her clothes Boy solja young I had hidden when I saw my father collecting her belongings to give them away. Many nights I would go to bed with her nightgown in my hands, smelling her faint scent and cry until I fell asleep. I became sullen and would wake up crying at night and after having to get up many times during the night to check on ukraine young teen me, my father got tired and simply told me to sleep in his bed with him. Everybody knew about my nightmares and simply thought it natural for a father to care about his son. And time passed slowly by and young warez porn I learned how to cope with her absence and life kept going on just the same, and young sexy naked sleeping with my father helped a lot in those times of grief. The nights were always cold and we simply slept close to each other, sharing our body heat. I was a child, after all, and I didn't spend time thinking about sex, although in many occasions I would remember the sounds my parents did when making love. I remember once or twice waking up in the middle of the night young llli nudist feeling something hard throbbing against my butt and I knew it was my father's cock (since we usually slept with me spooning against him), but I knew he was sleeping and he never attempted to do anything else with me. Even today I think that he wasn't aware of his hardons while asleep. As Tickle young feet I said, I really young sluts was a child and hadn't been awaken yet for sex. But I certainly felt SOMETHING in my body when I noticed those hardons pressing on my butt. Since there was nobody at home to prepare the meals my uncle was left in charge of that. So, instead of my mom, I was hanging around uncle Thad. He always asked me to do a few things, but most of the time I was left alone. In many occasions, when I was alone in my room, I would take my mom's clothes out of the drawers and put them on and pretended that she was still around. I didn't pretend I was her. I simply acted as if she was still there. I specially liked to try her nightgown and I even used to put on one of porn to young her panties underneath. Why did I do that? I don't know. It was nothing sexual (or at least I thought so), but I liked to look at myself in the mirror and fantasize that she was still there. One day, more than year after her death, I was dressed just like that, inspecting myself in the mirror, when the door to my room all of young lust xxx a sudden opened and my uncle stood in the doorway. He was about to speak something when he saw me dressed up like a girl and his mouth hung open. "What the hell is that?" He growled and I recoiled, feeling ashamed. "Well, well, well. So, we've got a little girl in the house now?" He entered the room and approached me as I stepped backwards. His burly frame, so much alike my father's young babes sex (although my father acted and smelled differently) towered over me, not threatening me, but intimidating, the same way, but I could see a shadow of a smirk on his face. "Have we got a little pussy around here now? 'Cause if you're wearing a dress like a girl you've gotta have a pussy, too. C'mere, let me see your pussy, queer boy". He grabbed me tightly by the shoulder and turned me around as his other hand pulled up young underground girls the gown and revealed my mother's panty. "Jesus, you are a little fag, I can't believe that. Does your father know that you like to dress up like a woman? Look at you!" As he talked his hand slapped my butt and I yelped. I was almost 13 and very young vagina I still had a chubby butt, two round and rosy mounds, which were accentuated by the panty I had put on. He squeezed one of my cheeks and rubbed naked amateur young the tip of his fingers in my crack. I was terrified, but his fingers caused an electric charge up my spine. "So, you like to exploited young lol play girl, uh? I'm gonna show you what happens to a girl when she is with a man. C'mere!" He sat on the bed and pulled me with him and made me sit on his lap, his heavy and hairy chest engulfing me in an nn young modles embrace, his hands going to my nipples, pinching them lightly, while he would make me wiggle over his crotch just to make me feel young boy cock his manhood. "Can you young sexy preeten feel my cock? Do you like that, Kevin? If you like to dress young little hardcore like a girl you must like to feel my cock rubbing your ass." I was silent for a moment and he urged me to answer him. "Answer me, boy, do you like to sit on my cock?" When I think about that now I come to the conclusion that it was surprise for him too, to be enjoying the feeling of his cock rubbing my butt, to imagine that he had never thought of getting his rock off with a little boy. My uncle wasn't a pervert and he had always treated me good, and I loved him. The whole thing was revealing for both of us: I was shocked and feeling ashamed for being caught out of guard, and then getting aroused by my uncle's attitude; and he was kind of shocked for discovering that his nephew was so young but yet so dirty, and surprised to discover that he was enjoying the feeling of his nephew butt on his cock and the many possibilities of that casual encounter. I didn't know what to answer him, but I was enjoying the sensation that lump under my but was causing to my body. The more he would pull me against his body, forcing my butt to caress his tool, the more conscious I'd get of that hard piece of flesh caressing my asshole in return. I hadn't grabbed the whole idea of his intentions, but free young tits deep inside me I knew that that little young nudist hard meat was supposed to go inside my asshole and that felt just right, I don't know why. His hands kept rubbing my body and with me leaning on him, he lifted the dress above my waist and began to remove my panty, lowering it until I stepped out of it. I heard the zipper of his pants being opened and when he made me sit again on his crotch there was nothing between my naked butt and his cock. It was something completely out of this world to feel the heat emanating from his cock when it touched my butt and I guess he felt the same way because he hissed thru his teeth. "Uhnn! You've got such a hot ass!" He finished undressing me pulling the gown out and I stood there, naked before him. "I'm fed up of soaped hands and cows in the barn. Today I'm gonna have a real piece of ass." While speaking he pulled his pants down and I saw his cock for the first time: A long tube of flesh, beginning to swell. The fact that he mentioned 'fucking the cows in the barn' was registered in my mind, but I didn't pay much attention to it since I was concerned with something else at the moment. "C'mere, boy, 'cause I still have to finish supper." He led me and made me lay facedown onto the bed, and spread my legs. I could smell his male scent. Although I was scared, memories young nudist little flicked in my mind: young girls breast the sounds of my father fucking my mom, the bed creaking, the men I saw naked in nymph young the barn... He free young twinks supported his weight in one of his hand beside my head and I heard him spit in his other hand and smear it on my butt. He spat again and spread it on his cock and began to rub it on my crack. I was being shaken by multiples electric charges every time his cockhead touched my tight asshole and then I felt the head young horny sluts of his prick pushing against my hole. I could never take it! "Relax, kid, and help me to get teen petite young it inside. Just pretend you are taking a crap and big boob young push out." I wasn't sure if I should defloration very youngpussy do it, but I was in no condition of stopping him either, so I just made as he said. When he pushed his cock in again I pushed out and the big swollen head of his cock must have slipped in a little because it hurt like hell, I clamped young and sexy my asshole shut, making his cock slide porn free young out and began to cry. "It's hurting, uncle Thad, please stop it." "You shut your face and be quiet, sissy." But I couldn't stop crying and after seeing that he would not get exactly what he wanted he said: "You stop that noise, will you?" He released his grip, said that he wouldn't force me that time, but told me to be quiet anyway. He brought my legs together, spat on his hand again, daubed the inside of my legs and butt and inserted his hard cock between them and began rocking back and forth, free youngest porno using the void between my spittle-smeared legs as a cunt. His cock sliding up and down would rub my asshole and youngest porn toplist make me shiver all over. It was amazing how quickly my fear and pain faded and was replaced with a hard on. He grunted and thrust, speaking dirty words, and soon he roared that he was gonna cum in my fucking ass and he shot a load of cum between the crack of my ass. Thick gobs of hot spunk erupted from his penis and soaked the sheet. He withdrew it from between my legs younger nudists pics and nested it the crack between my cheeks, while still Foreign young brides cumming young nudist paradises and deposited more spurted thick cum there, still panting. As soon as he finished he wiped his slimy cock on my young lollipop teens buns, stood, tucked his cock in his pants and told me that he'd have a talk with my father. I began to cry and asked him not to do that, but he said that one of his duties young pubescent pussy was to help my father raising his children, that he had helped with the other boys and would help him with me, too. rapidshare young My father would need to know cunts younger 10yo what I had been up to and that he younger defloration would inform my youngest tiny tits father the punishment he had given me to straighten me up. Before leaving my room he said that he still wanna have a talk with me in his room later, after dinner, and left me there abused and scared. I touched my butt and collected some of his cum and smelled and then tasted it. On the bed I could still see the puddle he had left. I young ass thumbs thought it was over and spent the rest of the afternoon feeling scared, ashamed and excited. I tried to avoid him, but sooner or later I would have to get back and ask younger nude candid him if he needed some help. When I asked him he mumbled that later he would gladly need my services but right then I'd better leave him alone 'cause he was still digesting the fact that his dear nephew liked to dress like a woman'. I think that he was excited with the fact that he had just fucked his nephew, not in the ass itself, but close enough to relieve him and that there always was the possibility of young old naturist more to come. After diner that night, while I was doing the dishes, he came around and whispered that he would be waiting for me in his room after I was done. We still had some time before bedtime, so it would not be a problem at all. Like a shy mouse I knocked on his door and he opened it right way. He was wearing only his underwear. His chest was very hairy and a trail ran down the middle of his belly into his boxers. young old sexo He locked the door and told me to lie banned young thumbs on the bed and knelt down on the mattress next to me with his young cheerleader underwear around his ankles. angus young I could see uncle Thad's big horse cock swinging between his muscular thighs. It was already half hard and I stared at it as it swung between his legs. He was not circumcised but I could see the big head, which was of an angry reddish purple color. He presented it to me sexy young ladies and guided young european porn it to my mouth. I smelled the odor of his crotch: It was a mix of laundry detergent and the musky smell of his flesh. "Suck it, boy, and be careful to not scratch it with your teeth. Open your mouth wide and suck on it". His still semi-soft cock touched my lips and I opened youngs sex them slowly and he forced it young petite cunt down. "Suck it, good, I know you can do it". Tentatively I licked the underside milf young of his dick and young slut incest he approved it by pushing a little more in. I gagged and used my hands to push him away, he pulled it back and shoved it verry young girlsex back in, but not too far this time. This way I young teen sucking could manage his intrusion. I opened my mouth and sucked the head of his dick into my mouth. I took nn youngest girls as much of the shaft as I could into my mouth and only stopped when I almost chocked on his penis again. With my hands still on his legs, but without much use for them there, instead of lowering them young girl nonude I took hold of his balls and held them without knowing exactly what to do. He liked the initiative and removed his cock from my mouth and placed his hairy balls on my lips. I stuck out my tongue and licked them. Following my instincts I took one in my mouth, then the other, and then I circled my tongue around them until he brought his cockhead back again and I swallowed it. ""You're liking this, aren't you? Yeah, suck those hairy balls, suck my cock. Yeah, I can see you know how to do it. My little nephew now will be the girl of young small pussy the family. And you know how a man treats a girl Fat young teens in bed? He fucks her like this". He began to face fuck me, sliding his big rod in and out of my inexperienced mouth. I could barely breathe, my mouth was so full of dick and I could feel my uncle's big balls hitting against my chin as he fucked my mouth and I kept caressing his balls. Soon he rushed his young tgp porn cock out of my mouth, jerked three or four times and panting he said: "Open your mouth, I'm gonna cum". And he directed the tip of his cock to my mouth and anya ayoung sex began to shoot. Most of his cum fell in my open mouth, but a lot of it also flew to my face and neck. He remained motionless on top of me, his body tense and his cock still leaking cum, then he wiped it on my face and got up slowly. I was still swallowing his cum and I decided underground young nude that I liked it. He left the bathroom and told me to clean myself. Once again I asked him not to tell my father that he had caught me in my mother's dress and he said that he had already told him and that he probably would talk to me that same night. I began to cry again, but this time he didn't act too roughly. "But don't worry, I asked him not to be too harsh on you, but you've gotta agree with me that putting on a woman's dress is something weird and asking for trouble, don't you think? I also told him about the punishment I gave you and told him amateurs young couples to reassure that you had understood it. Now go." I realize now that in my uncle's mind, the things he had done to me, were supposed to scare me away, to show me the hard 18 bringum young things a girl must to endure just for being a rape young porn girl. In his mind, when a man fucked a woman, he enjoyed it and she simply endured it. Maybe he thought that fucking young porn website me, or abusing me, would make me never want to be a girl again, and I think that that was what he told my father, because what happened between him and me christine young mpegs later proved me right. But in my case, it worked the other way young lola mpeg around. He dismissed me and I left his room and hurried to my own room, cp pix young not my father's. My intention was to get in without being noticed in an attempt of avoiding confrontation, but I had no chance because my father was waiting for me. With only young girls orgasm a nod of his head he indicated that I was to get into young sex tgp his room. With my heart pounding furiously I entered his room and he closed the door behind us.I will write the other things that followed this first one because I can see now that it is almost like going to the shrink, but I would surely appreciate comments and suggestions. Email me, please!And thank you!Kevin young adult publisher
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